Sunday, November 9, 2008

End of the Nine Weeks

Wow, its hard to believe we are at the end of the first nine weeks already. I can't believe it. Time flies when you are having fun! :) We are rolling right along in the art room. Fifth grade is putting the finishing touches on their clay mugs. I will post some pictures in a few weeks after they are glazed and finished. The fourth grade is working on a "phases of the moon" project that correlates with their classroom studies. Second grade is working on Native American shields, also correlating with the classroom. We did a little sewing on them this past week. We will be adding beads and feathers this week. Kindergarten made clay pinch pots last week. Third grade is working on a drawing, emphasizing the skill of overlapping. First grade made origami owls emphasizing art motor skills. I'll post photos of some of the projects later in the week. Hope you are enjoying the blog!

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